Our school won the 2019 IEIC award

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2019년 9월 23일
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Our school won the 2019 IEIC award

01 我校荣获2019IEIC“最in校服”奖项(华东区域)

01 Our school won the 2019 IEIC award

2019年10月27日,我校荣获2019IEIC“最in校服”奖项(华东区域),李莉校长在该届展会上发表致辞,她首先感谢相关支持学校发展的各方人士,其次她指出:校服是学校教育教学环节中的一个极小的组成部分,“九层之台,起于累土”,既然我校在校服这一方面获得大家的认可,那么我校其他方面也会做得越来越好。校服体现一所学校的精神面貌,希望学生带着这份朝气与自信成为“双语双文化,有志有特长,面向世界的中国人。 On 27 October, 2019, our school won the 2019 IEIC award for the “Most IN School Uniform” in the entire eastern area of China. When Principal Li Li addressed the audience at the ceremony, she firstly thanked the relevant members who had supported the development of the school, and then she pointed out that school uniforms are a small component of the school and that even though our school has triumphed as a result of impeccable uniforms, she said: “ I believe that our school can also achieve more in other aspects. School uniforms also represent the spirit of a school, and I hope that with this confidence and courage that our students will become ambitious, multicultural and bilingual global Chinese citizens.”  


02 家长课堂来袭——《原生家庭对孩子的影响》

02 【Topic】The Influence of the Original Family on Children

继10月30日“家长课堂”的火爆预约场面后,本次11月11日“家长课堂”继续为您带来《原生家庭对孩子的影响》的讲座。 Following the very successful “Parent Class” on October 30th, the “Parent Class” on November 11th will continue to bring you information and a lecture on “The Impact of the Original Family on Children.” There are two families in one’s life: a family where we grew up with parents and siblings. The other is the family which we gain when we marry and establish when we reach adulthood. We call the fist type of family : “the original family”.  Our words, deeds and choices will most often be influenced by this original family. Some habits, expectations or so-called “Invisible Rules” formed in our original family become our internal guiding mechanism. 而我们现在的家,就是孩子的原生家庭,我们不知不觉地在影响着孩子的情绪、想法和行为。 Their current home is the child’s original family, and is unconsciously influencing the child’s emotions, thoughts and behaviors.  在这堂课中,徐鸿老师将会帮助大家去解读孩子们的种种表现与原生家庭的关系;带领家长们一起去探索和反思,你的家庭教养类型、你的情感互动模式和你的家庭管教方式,从而帮助孩子提升安全感、责任感、价值感和幸福感。 In this class, teacher Ms. Xu Hong will help you to understand the relationship between children’s performance and their original families; guide parents to explore and reflect together on their parenting style, your emotional interaction patterns and the way in which you can help your child develop a sense of security, responsibility, self-worth and happiness.

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