Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Happiness

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Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Happiness

Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been associated with many Chinese traditions, including eating moon cakes
and drinking osmanthus wine. The round shape of the moon symbolizes the reunion of people, family gatherings and the
hope of harvest and happiness.At the call of the teachers, the students of SFLS continued the essence of this beautiful
tradition while adapting it to modern day circumstances.


Grade 1
The students first wash their hands and divide the icy dough into small sections. They roll the moon cakes into shape and
after printing the designs on them, they all taste what they have made.

Grade 2
During the festival, the girls dress up in beautiful traditional clothes and the boys are also handsomely dressed.

Grade 3
The students made many friends in the process of making the moon cakes.

Grade 4
On this day, foreigners and Chinese are united as they celebrate the Mid –Autumn Festival together.

Grade 5
The Grade 5 students hope is for better grades as they celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

International Studies Department
The International Department made their moon cakes in the canteen.
The students in our international department are already high school students. Maybe they will go to Harvard or travel
across the ocean to Cambridge. Maybe they will hug koalas in Australia and cross the Sahara. But their respect for their own
cultural traditions is deeply ingrained. They treasure the time they spend at school, even if the time is used to learn how to
make moon cakes. The true value of the festival is the traditions that accompany it and the students will appreciate these
more deeply as they grow older. As a result, they make the moon cakes slowly and carefully but eat them quickly. There is a
sweet atmosphere among the classmates and teachers. Chinese are truly one family !

Teachers and students worked together to make lanterns to match the riddles carefully prepared by the teacher, and the children also made posters. The corridor is filled with festive enthusiasm, the sound of the piano and singing. The beautiful poetry recitations also added to the festive air and the sounds lingered long after the music had stopped. The students dressed up in traditional costumes which beautifully adorned the campus landscape. This is the embodiment of our campus’s colorful culture.

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