Halloween at SFLS – A different celebration (2018-11-12)

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2018년 12월 31일
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2018년 12월 31일

Halloween at SFLS – A different celebration (2018-11-12)

Halloween is traditionally a western “spooky” festival, but our school was filled with laughter and fun on Friday. The most exciting
part is dressing up for Halloween in order to attract attention or scare someone!

The ISD students took the opportunity to create a runway stage in order to give all the students the opportunity to showcase their
different outfits in a fashion show style. Even musical and dance talents had a place in the “catwalk” runway show.

Their creativity knew no bounds. As we watched the lovely faces and elegant legs take to the runway, we marveled at these beautiful
female students. Imagine our surprise to discover that these were male students dressed up and expertly walking in 12cm heels!

The students in the International Studies Department are also very caring and thoughtful. Even though they were having their own fun,
they thoughtfully surprised the Moral Director, Nancy, with flowers and happy birthday cheers and wishes. Teacher Li Yuechao (Jacky),
responsible for the Student Council, also entered into the spirit of fun when he picked up his “princess” partner, a boy, as gallantly as
a prince picks up a princess, causing gales of laughter from teachers and students alike.

As parents entered the Cambridge International School, they were surrounded by scary, fun and innovative Halloween decorations.
They were firstly introduced to typical lessons in a Cambridge classroom as they listened to teachers present a class in their child’s
classroom. They then had some time to do a fun parent-child activity carving pumpkins and making festive “jack-o-lanterns”. After
that followed a lively “trick or treat” session and then the sounds echoing from the lobby drew the crowds closer.

The activities organized by the school received the approval of many parents:
Eden’s mother said: “Thanks to the school for organizing a broad variety of activities. Each event was exciting in its own unique way,
also serving to enhance the parent-child relationship and enriching the child’s student life!”
Alex’s father’s message was: “Today I watched a typical lesson, helped my child with a craft project and finally took my child home
with me. This kind of day reassures me that SFLS is a school who cares. A school with this attitude will make great progress!”
Angela’s grandmother said: “Every time I get to see my grandchild performing so well at school it makes me very happy. A big thank
you to the school and the teachers who sow the seeds of success in the children”

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