Financial Knowledge- A Journey of Ten Thousand Miles at SFLS

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2018년 12월 31일

Financial Knowledge- A Journey of Ten Thousand Miles at SFLS

On the 18th September, 2018, the Bank of Shanghai “financial knowledge journey”, came to our school to share
banking and financial knowledge with a great number of our students.

As we all k now, the students at SFLS have a pair of sensitive ears, are good at listening attentively in class and are
clever and have inquiring minds. They are quick to ask questions and get more information about key points.



Answer1: “Copying is Invalid” should also be added. If any irregularity, such as theft is discovered, appropriate
measures should be taken to report the matter to the Public Security Division.

Question 2: What are your rights as an individual and security of your data?
Answer 2: The right to be informed, the right to object, the right to correct errors and the right to judicial mediation.
The right to judicial redress is used when the information is reported incorrectly, which may harm the person and their
data security rights and when the matter cannot be resolved. At this point, the matter may be brought to court.

Question 3: Since last year’s online banking regulations included a clause of being able to “revoke payments within
24 hours if loss of money and goods is suffered”, is this still in effect?
Answer 3: If an individual makes use of a 24-hour ATM to transfer funds-except to another one of their accounts- the
individual may apply to their bank to cancel the transfer within 24 hours.

As we can clearly see, the professionals from the financial institution provided answers which were factually correct,
clear, succinct and precise. The questions and answers both provide us with guidelines which are beneficial to all.

Our school will continue to follow its motto: Align with wisdom, Accompany with happiness and Dialogue with the
world. The spirit of our school is to provide an open and diversified education to enable every student to be shaped
into a new generation who are fully informed and unafraid of challenges !

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