2020년 6월 3일

夏风草木熏,新果初喜人 ——上师二外初中部全面复课第一周大会纪实

2020年5月22日,阳光正好,天正晴。上师二外初中部团圆复学一周整,22日下午15:30分,学部所有中外籍教师准时相聚,召开初中全面复课第一周教育教学工作会议。     会议由梁琴主任主持,梁琴主任首先对期末考试的时间、内容、形式、评价进行了详细部署和要求,并给每位与会教师分发了中英文对照的纸质示例并发送了电子邮件,以便教师反复查看。梁老师工作严谨,思虑周全,行事干练,为学部期末复习及考试期间的教师工作明晰了思路,细化了要求。
2019년 12월 16일

Our school won the 2019 IEIC award

01 我校荣获2019IEIC“最in校服”奖项(华东区域) 01 Our school won the 2019 IEIC award 2019年10月27日,我校荣获2019IEIC“最in校服”奖项(华东区域),李莉校长在该届展会上发表致辞,她首先感谢相关支持学校发展的各方人士,其次她指出:校服是学校教育教学环节中的一个极小的组成部分,“九层之台,起于累土”,既然我校在校服这一方面获得大家的认可,那么我校其他方面也会做得越来越好。校服体现一所学校的精神面貌,希望学生带着这份朝气与自信成为“双语双文化,有志有特长,面向世界的中国人。 On 27 October, 2019, our school won the 2019 IEIC award for the “Most IN […]
2019년 9월 23일

[09.20] The 35th annual Teachers’ Day!

9月10日第三十五个教师节之际,我们请来了上海学习共同体研究院副院长、台北市卓越艺术教育总顾问、原台北市敦化国小校长吴慧琳博士给6A班的学生上了一节学习共同体的音乐示范课,听课的教师表示,以这样一种特殊的方式度过自己的节日,确实收获良多。 On September 10th, the 35th annual Teachers’ Day, we invited Dr. Wu Huilin, Vice President of the Shanghai  Research Institute of Learning , General Adviser of Excellent […]
2019년 5월 16일

Announcement of University Application results of the SFLS 2019!

“The SFLS American High School Division is about to start its graduation season. Students have received offers from prestigious universities and shared the good news with me. […]
2019년 3월 8일

Visit of the 81st Governor of the state of Vermont, USA!

On the 6th of March, the Hon. Peter Shumlin, the 81st Governor of the state of Vermont, gave a lecture at our school on “Global Citizenship […]
2019년 1월 15일

A visit from Providence Day School- a top-rated American School

Providence Day School came to our school for an academic visit. The Principal of our school, Mr.Zhang Xuefei, Ms. Jing Cui, vice Principal, and Mr.Trevor Wattrus, […]
2018년 12월 31일

Our school is awarded the “Tencent 2018 International Schools Talent Development Practice” Grand Prize (2018-11-30)

The annual grand ceremony of the Tencent International School program: “Enjoy global wisdom and create future education”, jointly sponsored by Tencent Internet and Tencent Abroad, be […]
2018년 12월 31일

SFLS Parent Meeting – 2 Branches, One Goal (2018-11-27)

Learning is a gradual, student-centered process, in which parents and teachers play a leading role. Examination results reflect the learning that has taken place, allow students […]
2018년 12월 31일

Halloween at SFLS – A different celebration (2018-11-12)

Halloween is traditionally a western “spooky” festival, but our school was filled with laughter and fun on Friday. The most exciting part is dressing up for […]