Course Introduction

Our Cambridge Course has been certified by the Cambridge International Examination Committee (CIE) (No. CN799) and offers A-Level and IGCSE courses. The curriculum system has been carefully designed and optimized to promote the overall development of students' knowledge, skills, outlook on life and values while paying attention to the training of students' academic ability. The integration of western curriculum advantages in curriculum design can not only improve students' language ability, international vision and cultural literacy, but also guide students to form a solid core accomplishment. The improvement of language ability and communication skills is the basic requirement for future study, work and life abroad to lay a good language foundation.

Curriculum setting

Authoritative certificate

Multiple selectable and high accredited curriculum system

A-Level and IGCSE courses, in which students choose the courses they are interested in and suitable for learning

Pay attention to the promotion of capacity

Our course not only arouses the students' curiosity and curiosity, helps the students to construct knowledge, and pays more attention to the cultivation and development of students' ability to think independently, to solve problems and to be creative.

Effective education guidance

The preparation and application of studying abroad throughout the whole process of entering the country to go abroad, by the teacher special guidance to students and parents, weekly guidance courses, after class one to one communication and guidance.